pictureThe New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) has been a leading forum for the investment community since 1937. That year, a small group of securityanalysts decided to turn their casual lunch gatherings into a series of regular meetings. They held an organizational luncheon in a private dining room of the New York Chamber of Commerce. It was there that NYSSA was conceived, with a membership of approximately 20 analysts, including Benjamin Graham, the “father of securities analysis” and one of the most influential men in the history of finance. In September of that year, the Society held its first formal program, at which Lawrence Klybert of Alexander Eisemann & Co. spoke on “Options – Their Effect on the Market Price of Stocks.” By 1939, the Society had grown to 82 members. Today, with more than 11,000 members, NYSSA is the largest of the more than 135 societies worldwide that comprise CFA Institute.

早在1937年,纽约证券分析师协会(NYSSA)就已成为投资界最有影响力的论坛之一。 就在那一年,几位证券分析师决定将他们的不定期午餐聚会改为一系列定期集会。当时他们在纽约商会的一间私人宴会厅组织了一场午宴,席间这群证券分析师产生了发起NYSSA的念头。诞生初期的NYSSA拥有约20位分析师,包括金融史上最有影响力的人物之一,"证券分析业之父"本杰明•格雷厄姆(Benjamin Graham)。1937年9月,协会举办了第一场正式活动, Alexander Eisemann & Co.公司的劳伦斯•克莱伯特(Lawrence Klybert)在活动中发表了题为"股票期权对股票市场价格的影响"(Options – Their Effect on the Market Price of Stocks)的演讲。 到1939年,协会成员已扩展至82名。今天,NYSSA已经拥有一万多名会员,规模在全球135家协会(包括美国特许金融分析师学院/CFA Institute在内)中首屈一指。


China Council for International Investment Promotion is a national non-profit organization responsible for promoting China's inward and outward investment in line with China's economic strategies, with a view to advancing economic development and social progress. Founded by the State Council, CCIIP reports to the Ministry of Commerce. The objectives of CCIIP is to synergize nationwide resources and capacities in investment promotion, and provide a unified platform for China's investment promotion; to enable effective implementation of regional economic integration arrangements in line with the Government's overall investment promotion strategies; to assist governments at all levels in improving the investment environment, public image and FDI quality; to develop diversified investment promotion products, and provide efficient service to foreign investors in China; and to facilitate Chinese enterprises investing overseas and participate in international economic and technical cooperation projects.


CFA China was founded in October 2008 to serve CFA Institute members in China. Mission of CFA China is to uphold the CFA Institute standard of professional excellence by offering quality membership services and building stronger relationships with CFA Institute members, candidates, and the broader investment community, through continuing education, and advocating best practices, professional excellence and ethics.