Speakers 演讲嘉宾 (按出席顺序)

Carl Dan Killian,JR.

Carl Dan Killian, Jr. is the President of Harvard Investors Group. As an effective business strategist, Killian has broad experience in the investment field including portfolio management, pension fund evaluation, equity and fixed income research, domestic and international sales, with excellent record in developing new accounts and maintaining existing relationships. He began his career at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. as an investment manager after obtaining his JD from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1980, and was the managing director of Herzog Heine Geduld, Inc. during 1992 to 1999, then became the New York Regional Manager of Standard and Poors'. Killian was educated at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and in Lyon and Berlin. He earned his master degree from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government and finished his doctoral study in economics at Hochschule St. Gallen, Switzerland.

卡尔·丹·基利安是现任哈佛投资俱乐部主席。基利安是一名极富经验的商业策略家,在投资组合管理、退休基金评估、股权和固定收入研究以及国内国际销售上都有着丰厚的经验,并且在发展客户和维护客户关系上由着卓越的成效。1980年基利安在北卡罗来纳大学教堂山取得了他的法学博士学位后,在布朗兄弟哈里曼公司做投资经理,开始了他的职业生涯,并在1992年到1999年间担任Herzog Heine Geduld公司的董事总经理,而后成为标准普尔纽约地区的区域经理。基利安毕业于北卡罗来纳大学教堂山,期间并于法国里昂和德国柏林交流学习,此后在哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院取得其硕士学位,并于瑞士Hochschule St. Gallen攻读了经济学博士学位。


Mr. Xiaohui Liu is Deputy Director of the Finance Affairs Office of Guangdong Province and an Associate Professor in South China University of Technology (SCUT). Previously, Dr. Liu had served as Deputy Dean of the College of Business Administration in SCUT, Deputy Division Chief of Finance Department of SCUT, and Deputy Mayor of Jieyang City of Guangdong Province.


Dr. Daxi Li is Chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Business (CASB), Chairman of CASB Venture LLC and a director of the board of US Oriental Bank. He also serves as director of several public companies. Dr. Li was elected as a special overseas delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the Chinese Senate. He also worked as advisor for several cities and provinces such as Jilin, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, and Jieyang.

Dr. Li graduated from South China Normal Institute, receiving a B.S in Physics in 1975. Then he received an M.S. in Physics from Sun Yat-sen University in 1980. In 1985, Mr. Li received his PhD in Physics from the City University of New York (CUNY). He was a Postdoctoral Fellow of McGill University of Canada, and associate professor and fellow of CUNY and the Polytechnic of New York. From 1992 to 2001, Dr. Li worked for Solomon Brother and Lehman Brothers, oversaw many important IPOs and venture capital investments. Currently, as a board director of US Oriental Bank, he oversees the investment committee and the audit committee. Dr. Li also sits as Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese High-Tech Venture Park, which was founded in 2001 and has more than 500 high-tech companies as its residents.



周高雄先生是 广东省政府金融办公室主任、广东商学院客座教授、著名的财政理论家、金融学家。

Mr. Gaoxiong Zhou is the Chief Director of the Finance Affairs Office of Guangdong Province, an Adjunct Professor of Guangdong University of Finance, and a well-known financial expert specializing in public finance theories and financial market


Dr. Lei Lu is the current dean of Guangdong University of Finance, and independent director of China Galaxy Financial Holdings Company Limited and China Galaxy Securities. He obtained a master degree in economics from Guanghua Management College, Beijing University in 1996, a master degree in economics at Australian National University National Centre for Development Studies in 2000 and his PhD in economics from People's Bank of China's Institute of Finance in 2004. He was a researcher at Sun Yat-Sen University, School of Management, a senior research fellow and executive assistant at China Merchants Bank department of research, a research assistant at People's Bank of China Policy Research Office and Research Bureau, and officer member of the State Council project team of nationalized bank reform and project team of rural finance reform and People's Bank of China project team of capital account convertibility.



Mr. Barry Sine is the Managing Director of Equity Research of Drexel Hamilton, LLC, the Board Secretary of the New York Society of Securities Analyst (NYSSA), and a CNBC “China Expert”. Mr. Sine has managed research operations for a number of financial institutions. He has previously held positions with JP Morgan, Prudential, UBS and Oppenheimer. His research coverage focus is telecommunications. Mr. Sine has been a top ranked analyst by the Wall Street Journal three times in the past five years. Mr. Sine has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designations. He publishes technical analysis reports on equities, currencies and commodities. He is a lecturer at Florida International University, and the New York Region President’s Council Representative of the CFA Institute. He is also a frequent financial commentator on CNBC. Mr. Sine earned a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University and an MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University - Stern School of Business.


Mr. Wei Liu is Deputy Director of People's Government of Foshan, in charge of science and technology, intellectual property, financial, high-tech development zones.




    • Raymond Lam is a partner in KPMG in Guangzhou.  He joined KPMG Hong Kong in 1990.  He has worked in China more than 16 years.
      Raymond has, apart from audit, considerable experience in due diligence on acquisition, group restructuring, listing and financing.  He took an active part in assisting the overseas listing of state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises in the PRC.
      Raymond has participated in the audit of financial statements of major companies prepared under PRC GAAP, HKFRS and IFRS.  His clients include food processing manufacturers, logistics companies, high technology and electronic products manufacturers and diesel engines manufacturers.  He has extensive experience in assisting clients in the listing of shares on the Hong Kong, US and PRC stock exchanges.  He has participated in a number of A, B and H share listing projects.

    • 林启华现为毕马威广州分所的合伙人,他于一九九零年加入香港毕马威会计师事务所。林先生在中国已经工作超过16年 。林启华先生除了审计项目,对企业收购、重组、上市和财务方面都拥有相当丰富的经验。林先生曾协助中国国有企业和私营企业进行海外上市。林启华先生拥有多国会计准则知识的经验,如中国会计准则、香港会计准则及国际会计准则。他的客户包括食品处理制造业、物流公司、高新技术及电子产品制造业和柴油机制造业。林先生亦拥有丰富的上市经验,曾协助不同企业于香港,美国及中国证券市场上市。林先生亦曾参与多项A股, B股及H股上市的工作。