CorpStarter Star Show 2014


The CorpStarter North America Venture Contest provides a link that connects projects and talents with capital. By searching for qualified talents throughout North America, teams who pass the preliminary contest will be connected with professional mentors assisting to perfect their projects for the following competitions. The Final Round, which will be taking place August 8th, 2014, will be conducted with 5 minutes of self-introduction and 5 minutes Q&A through live broadcasting. There will be winning teams selected from this competition that will be rewarded generously with marketing promotion, membership of CorpStarter, services from law and accounting firms and media coverage.


August 8th:

CorpStarter Star Show

5:00 pm


5:30 pm

Opening Remark

6:00 pm

Panel – The Entrepreneurial Path of Alibaba

6:50 pm

Competition Rules Introduction

7:00 pm

Team Presentation (5 mins presentation and 5 mins question answering each team, 5 teams in total)

7:50 pm

Award Ceremony

August 9th:

Trip to Oheka Castle in Long Island

135 Westgate Dr, Huntington, NY 11743

10:00 am

Meet up at Castle Lobby

11:00 am

Castle Tour

12:00 pm


2:00 pm

Golf Match


First Place

Ultroid is a hemorrhoid solution that helps American and world-wide physicians to resolve patient hemorrhoids with a non-surgical, safe, simple, quick, and painless office procedure. It works for all 4 classes of internal and mixed hemorrhoids, and provides full insurance reimbursement. Ultroid can also help doctors and their practices build huge new revenue streams.

Second Place

SmartWok is a smart cooking robot that plays as a home cook for everyone. Users can choose kinds of dishes on our platform through internet, while SmartWok will download and study relevant recipes, and provide various delicious foods. Meanwhile, user's dining data will be stored in the account so that we can offer further service. This smart hardware with latest robotic technology will simplify the procedure of daily cooking, optimize dining nutrition, and change people's dining custom!

thirt Place

ACA (Acupuncture Corporation of America) - No. 1 Acupuncture Builder and Fast Franchising Developer. Acupuncture practice has been legally protected by most states of America. Based on BUCMAAA (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, American alumni) promising practice experience, we would build No.1 Acupuncture Corporation in USA, and go public to raise money to quickly develop our franchising system.

Outstanding Team

Menusifu system is developed for the next generation Restaurant POS system, specialized in restaurant management information and servers based in New York. Menusifu POS system including mobile app like Apple iPad POS system, could provide digital menu with hand based iPad POS, which suit for all type of restaurant. Besides basic ordering and payment etc. functions, Menusifu could also integrate advanced network technology to setup an opening interfaces and catering services with multi-level environment.

Outstanding Team

The Lamb of Wall Street is an online mobile game that teaches players how to trade stocks and simulates Wall Street by telling a story between Mr. Wolf and Lamb. In the game, with different avatars, players can experience everything about Wall Street, including getting a job on Wall Street, completing all works and tasks to get promotion, making money by trading stocks, and enjoying the Wall Street lifestyle.