CorpStarter Star Show 2015


About Us

The CorpStarter North America Venture Contest is one of the most competitive startup contests in the East Coast. It links projects and talents with capital, office spaces, startup-related services, and opportunities to explore the ever-growing Chinese market. During the past three years, we have selected and supported ten valuable startups, helped them get funded from both US and China, offered prime location office space in Manhattan, and connected them with mentors, leading investors, law firms and accounting firms.

During the Star Show on Aug 7th, three winning teams will be selected. All of them will be rewarded generously with investment up to $1Mmarketing promotionmembership of CorpStarterservices from law and accounting firms and media coverage.


August 7th:

CorpStarter Star Show

KPMG, 345 Park Ave New York, NY 10154

9:30 am


10:00 am

Opening Remark

10:20 am

Keynote Speech - Risk Management of Early Stage Companies by Justin McCarthy

10:50 am

Panel 1 - What Investors Look at in Startups

11:30 am


1:00 pm

Competition Rules Introduction

1:10 pm

Team Presentations (5 mins presentation and 5 mins question answering each team)

3:00 pm

Panel 2 - Things to Watch in Startup Financing

3:30 pm

Announce Result & Award Ceremony

3:40 pm


August 9th:

Mohonk Mountain House Trip

1000 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

10:00 am

Meet up

11:00 am

Castle Tour

12:00 pm


2:00 pm

Golf Match


First Place

Ortlas is dedicated to the development of two patents, fracture reduction robot system and fracture healing belt. The inventions inherited the essence of Chinese Osteosynthesis on non-invasive manipulative reduction and external fracture fixation. They were also implemented with state-of-the-art mechanic engineering and imaging analysis, to ensure a precise, consistent and fast relief fracture reduction and fixation without open surgeries.

Second Place

Gone Streakin' and its Class Act team represent a revolutionary fantasy sports platform utilizing stat-based survivor tournaments across several different sports. Through the integration of an insurance policy, we are able to provide users with the chance to win cash prizes which enhance the user experience and engagement. Along with these exciting features, we have a sophisticated user interface, proven team and proprietary back-end that enables us to scale to any sport, statistic, or even country while providing the best fantasy sports experience to date.

Third Place

Tryst is a leading supplier of Electronic Smoking Devices in the U.S. including E-Cigarettes, E-Shisha, E-Hookah and industry-leading E-Cigars. Currently, Tryst is undergoing rapid expansion in partnership with the most recognizable consumer goods retailers in the USA. Tryst is looking for a partner to help expand into Asia, share in the current growth opportunities and profit from lucrative exit strategies.

Outstanding Team

ARTenna is an online to offline art promotion & selling platform; Online it is dedicated to emerging artists with set price artwork, meanwhile offline it mainly work with renowned artists' auctions & exhibitions; ARTenna is a global platform collaborating with artists all over the world, currently has a focus on Chinese art's promotion in the US market. 

Outstanding Team

CTCP Development LLC with a team of qualified advisers invented a technical consumer product to protect against respiratory diseases from air pollution, the number one quality of life problem in Chinese cities. Disruptive innovation: replacing unattractive and ineffective facemasks and with a significant first mover advantage. $1.2 million is required for first season inventory for sales by major Chinese retailer to capture a huge TAM.

Special Presenting project - Pelé Sports City

Pelé Sports City is a mixed-used sports facility that will be developed by the world's most famous soccer player, Pele, and David Elwing, a well recognized Brazilian real estate developer. This project will be built in Miami, Florida on approximately 50 acres of land. It will include a hotel-style dormitory, a 5-star hotel, convention center, retail, parking garages, ticket office and 20 soccer fields. This sports facility will provide specialized training to young soccer players and it will offer a 365 day a year state of the art venue for soccer instruction and international sports events. This project is currently in the process of land acquisition with an estimated total project cost of between $150-300 million.