CorpStarter Star Show 2017


CorpStarter Star Show is one of the leading venture contests in the East Coast, connecting projects and talents with capital, mentors, partners and global resources, including first-hand opportunities to tap into the ever-growing Chinese market. As an annual event, CorpStarter Star Show commits to providing emerging companies unique platform through innovative approaches and out-of-the-box event theme. 2017 CorpStarter Star Show will be the fifth we celebrate innovations by those who are creating positive change in the world.

2017 CorpStarter Star Show will be laid out under the theme of “Tech Meets Art: Add Aesthetics to Future Business Practice” and upgraded with close experience with investors through skydiving. This year’s event aims at reflecting aesthetics in business development, and in the meantime, encouraging sparks on cross-industry trends among notable attendees and contestants. Previous events had collected substantial attentions from leading media, including Bloomberg, Yahoo and TEDMED.

Organizer: CorpStarter

Co-organizer: Chinese Association for Science and Business


August 18th:

CorpStarter Star Show


9:30 am


10:00 am

Opening Remark

Lijie Zhu, Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners LLC

10:20 am

Keynote Speech-The Blockchain Trend: Ethereum & ConsenSys

Joseph Lubin, Co-founder, Ethereum; Founder, ConsenSys

10:40 am

Panel 1 - Navigate a unique mix of technology and craftsmanship

Carl Dan Killian, Jr, President, Harvard Investors Group

Barry Sine, CFA CMT, Managing Director of Drexel Hamilton LLC

Ken Walker, Managing Director, State Street Global Exchange

Jijun Xing, Counselor Consul, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York

Lijie Zhu, Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners LLC

11:20 am

Panel 2- The Tech and Art in the AI Industry

Bill Hobrecht, Founder, CIO, Managed Care Advisory Group

Kamil Kaluza, Director of Business Development, QuantaVerse

David McLaughlin, Founder, CEO, QuantaVerse

Simon Moss, Managing Director, Grant Thornton LLP

Harumi Urata-Thompson, CFA PMP, Former COO of CFA Society New York

12:00 pm

Art Exhibition and Debut

Jillian Dyson, Oil Painting Artist

Garret Kane, Sculpture Artist

12:20 pm


1:00 pm

Team Presentations (by alphabetic order)

Rules (Every team has 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A)


1:15 pm


1:30 pm

Parallel Testing

1:45 pm


2:00 pm

Award Ceremony

2:30 pm


August 19th:


Upstate New York

2016 Star Show Highlights



First Place

SPACES is a technology company that sits between Parking Garages and underserved consumers. Its on-demand parking technology platform empowers consumers to manage their experience seamlessly via a smart phone application. The platform provides operating efficiencies, business intelligence and revenue opportunities for garages. SPACES solves the pain points of consumers and garages, delivering a unified experience on a single platform, while promoting a smarter, greener urban setting.

Second Place

Parallel Testing Inc.’s MedCheck™ enables consumers to match their prescription medications to their genetic profile, determining if they are effective and safe. 70% of us have genetic variants making a drug dangerous for one person, safe for another, and ineffective for a third. MedChecks™ will reduce the 350 people who die and 7,400 hospitalized daily from adverse drug reactions. Market is enormous: 205,000,000 Americans take 2+ meds, 35,000,000 average 14 meds. Parallel’s business saves lives and generates extraordinary financial returns.

Third Place

Airacer is the first and only online marketplace in the General Aviation industry. Currently Airacer has been funded by the Chinese investor iBeehub and the Saudi-American investor Asad. Airacer is the one-stop shopping site for the overall aviation experience. By seamlessly connecting flight service providers to future pilots, flight enthusiasts and AvGeeks, we make flying more accessible to everyone.

Longfin is a US based Global Alternative Finance and Technology Services Company specializing in Structured Commodity Trade Finance (Alternative Finance / Shadow Banking) powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our core global infrastructure is powered by Ultra Low-latency & High Frequency Electronic Market Making platform connected to major Global Exchanges / International Banks.

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