Goals for Community Ambassadors

- Promote and attend CorpStarter North America Venture Contest as well as other CorpStarter workshops and social events.

- Produce programs that increase the knowledge of event participants on entrepreneurship and business development, and drive conversations and discussions on entrepreneurial subjects.

- Deliver key campaigns and activities, and amplify all your amazing work through social media and other viable channels.

- Encourage qualified startups to participate in CorpStarter North America Venture Contest.
Pursue joint ventures and alliances with other organizations in support of program development.

- Look out for sponsorships for CorpStarter North America Venture Contest.

- Strengthen awareness of CorpStarter as a New York-based startup accelerator for growing companies in the entrepreneurship community.

Benefit for Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors can:
- Attend all of our CorpStarter events and programs;

- Gain experience on project/event management and hone your leadership skills;

- Have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs of growing companies and learn hands-on entrepreneurial experience and stories;

- Accumulate network and resources in the startup community, and get to make connection with investors and speakers;

- For the student Community Ambassadors, CorpStarter can offer academic credit internship according to their performance.

To apply, please fill up and submit your the application here.