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Date: 7 - 9 pm November 13th, 2013
Location: Cassidy Turley 277 Park Avenue 42nd Floor New York, NY 10172
Seats Available: 20


Max Ma


Mr. Max Ma is a co-founder and the CEO of 7thonline, a leading supply chain management solutions provider to the global retail industry. He has successfully lead 7thonlines growth since its inception in 1999. Prior to 7thonline, he had over a decade of management experience at companies including HBO and Pantone, where he was the lead developer for Pantone's Electronic Color Systems. He has successfully driven numerous large-scale IT projects, and has also overseen the development of apparel design automation CAD systems. Mr. Ma is the Treasurer and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Yale-China Association, a nonprofit organization with more than a century of experience contributing to the development of education in and about China and to the furtherance of understanding and knowledge between Chinese and American people.


Industry Insights: TMT

This course is designed to prepare rising entrepreneurs and professionals an in-depth understanding of Technology, Media and Telecommunication industries, where throat-cutting competitions are screening out unprepared people all the time. Following a step-by-step learning pattern, a seasoned professional in TMT will provide tangible working skills and knowledge, and well-tailored career advices for participants.