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Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Monday, March 3rd, 2014
Location: Cassidy Turley 277 Park Avenue, 42nd Floor New York, NY 10172

The meeting will be joined by a business delegation coming from China. The delegation is organized by the Economy and Information Technology Commission of Hubei Province and comprises of 28 local Chinese business executives. They are interested in learning more about how a Chinese company can potentially develop in the US, and the current US financial environment to support Chinese companies to go public.

Attending Companies:

Director                  Economy and Information Technology Commission of Hubei Province
Director                  Leading Group Office for Talents, CPC Hubei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department
Chairman                Hubei Taijing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Chairman                Jingmen Chuda Electrical Co., Ltd.
General Manager  Xiangyang Jingtai Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Jingzhou Jujing Transmission Machinery Co.,Ltd
General Manager  Hubei Guochuang High-tech Material Inc.
General Manager  Shiyan Shuangxing Purifier Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Shiyan Yunchi Automobile Parts Co., Ltd
Chairman                Goody Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Chairman                Wuhan Tianming Group Co., Ltd
Chairman                Hubei Ketian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
General Manager  Wuhan Sanyuan Special Building Materials Co., Ltd.
General Manager  Hubei Shanyou Characteristic Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Skylake Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Zixin Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Baixin Investment Guarantee Group Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Tong Yun Transport Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Wuhan Guangda Color Steel Co., Ltd
Chairman                Hubei Tianrui Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Gedian Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Chairman                Hubei Huichuang Heavy Engineering Co., Ltd
Chairman                HuBei MaoSheng Biological Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Yichang Changjiang Machine Technology Co., Ltd.
General Manager  Hubei Yaozhihe Group Co., Ltd.
General Manager  Tianye Group Co., Ltd
CEO                         Hubei Easy W Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Zhongfu Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Chairman                Hubei Bio-Great Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd

About Hubei Province

Hubei Province is called E for short, with Wuhan as its provincial capital. It is rich in agriculture, forestry and hydropower resources. Renowned as the Province of a Thousand Lakes, Hubei abounds in natural, historic and cultural resources. Its main industries include iron and steel, machinery, power and automobile.

Hubei province has become a major industrial construction area in China since the 1950s. Over the last six decades, Hubei has built plenty of large-scale mining bases like Wuhan Iron and Steel, Daye Iron Mine, Jingxiang Phosphorite Mine, Yingcheng Gypsum Mine, etc, relying on its rich mineral resources. It has become one of China’s most fundamental industrial complexes for its comprehensive industrial system, pillared by iron and steel, machinery, power and electricity, textile and provisions industries.

According to figures from the Statistics Bureau of Hubei province, the provincial gross product reached 1.28 trillion yuan in 2009. In terms of comparable prices, it grew by 13.2 percent from last year, 4.5 percentage points higher than the national growth rate.


About Dragon Gate Investment Partners:

Headquartered in New York City’s midtown Manhattan, Dragon Gate Investment Partners is a leading investor relations firm that improves the transparency and consistency of international-oriented Chinese companies. From annual reports to webcasting, Dragon Gate helps clients to deliver the right message to the right audience. By targeting the investors via market intelligence database, Dragon Gate improves the trading volume and share valuation for public companies.

The Dragon Gate team consists of investment bankers, Chartered Financial Analysts, media personnel, and IT experts. Our professionals have long standing relations with fund managers, investment bankers, and financial regulators. Our broad range of experience has led to a deep knowledge of US markets and regulations. As an integrated group, Dragon Gate has a deep understanding of the culture difference between the US and China.