CorpStarter™ partner OX3 Production “Startups, Made in USA” Pilot Release

NEW YORK, May 16th, 2013 -- New York-based international production company OX3 Production released the pilot of its newest TV project, “Startups, Made in USA” on May 16th, at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA).

“Startups, Made in USA” is a new featured interview program targeting at international startup stories. CorpStarter™ is invited to the release meeting as one of its partners. The host of the program Bianca Chen, talking about the program, wished to fill in the blank of the venture program in China and provide audiences with the knowledge of business operation, career planning and personal enlightenments.

CorpStarter™ project director Mr. Zhe Huang also confirmed that the program was very promising. He hoped this program can reinforce the business idea of young entrepreneurs in China and abroad.

About OX3 Production

OX3 Production is a creativity-driven New York City-based media production company working with film, video, digital imagery and internet interactivity. Our clients include public relations and advertising agencies, TV networks as well as direct response and marketing firms.

OX3 represents an elite and diverse roster of directors, producers, reporters and industry professionals.

With our professional team, we produce original news stories, entertainment travel shows and business series. Our mission is to give you a fresh experience and a unique way of exploring the world.