Founder of “China Moody’s” Kicks off Corpstarter Training Program 2nd Season

He is a traiblazer of China's Credit Rating service, a leader of the well-recognized "92' Entrepreneurs" group, the founder of China Chengxin Credit Management Co., Ltd;
He is Dr. Maozhen hua. On Sep. 24th, Dr. Mao will speak on his entrepreneurial life and unveil Corpstarter Training Program 2nd Season with North American entrepreneurial talents.

92’ Entrepreneurs at Harvard: Dr. Zhenhua Mao (right), Dongsheng Chen (Middle), president of Taikang Life, and Tianyuan, the former chairman of CIFCO.

1979, in his 15, Dr. Mao paved his road to the renowned Wuhan Univesity all the way from his rural hinterland hometown and earned himself a life-changing opportunity to get direct guidance from China's economics guru Prof. Fureng Dong, demonstrating that education could change fate.

1988, in his 24, Dr. Mao became the most promising public official in Hainan Province, the then newly-open virgin land for the China’s Reform and Open Policy .

1992, in his 28, Dr. Mao founded China Chengxin Credit Management Co., Ltd., the very first independent agency engaging on credit rating and evaluation in China capital market.

1999, in his 35, Dr. Mao was involeved in a undue investigation by CPC. This became another watershed of his life.

2006, in his 42-year-old, Dr. Mao leveraged a strategic partnership with Moody's to win China Chengxin Credit Management, a market dominance in China.

2007, in his 43, Dr. Mao chose to retire at his peak, and devoted himself to be a good teacher.

2012, in his 48, Dr. Mao donated 50 million RMB to Wuhan University after twenty years of his entreprenurial life.

Dr. Zhenhua Mao is the founder of China Chengxin Credit Management Co., Ltd., the board chairman of Dong Furen Foundation, and the director of Institute of Economic Research of Renmin University of China.

2013, in his 49, Dr. Mao invited as the keynote speaker of CorpStarter Entrepreneurial Workshop second season, speaking on "entrepreneurial strategies an how to excavate potential profit market".

CorpStarter™ Entrepreneurial Workshop will hold one course every week; each course will only cap 20 attendees.

CorpStarter™ Entrepreneurial Workshop first season had recently brought a successful close to its 15 course. Participants, including GeriJoy, MappedOn and SeatAssignMate attended Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America(Video) on Aug, 8th. They drew enough attentions from investors like, Brian Cohen, among other VP, PE and angel investors. Furthermore, participating teams were invited by many industrial parks in Jiangsu province, many of which offer funds, office space and supporting facility.