CorpStarter Star Show Attracts Thousands of Viewers across US and China

New York, August 8, 2014 – The Second North America Venture Contest’s Finale – CorpStarter Star Show wrapped up the yearlong startup acceleration since September 2013. Five winning teams demonstrated their achievement at a starry Friday night at Cassidy Turley in Midtown New York. The show night featured a roundtable discussion on The Entrepreneurial Path of Alibaba with over ten panelists participating. The whole event was aired through online streaming throughout the world, which drew over eight thousands of people across China and US to watch. Ultroid, a non-surgical hemorrhoid solution took the crown of the first place.

Runner-ups include a smart cooking robot, SmartWok which plays as a smart home cook, and a fast acupuncture franchising builder and developer, ACA Acupuncture, followed by a mobile-based digital menu ordering and payment provider, Menusifu. Besides, two more projects also showcased on the stage. One is China Fruits Corporation which is a U.S.-listed holding company, engaging in manufacturing, trading and distributing fresh tangerine and other fresh fruits. It has been referred to as the “Chinese Chiquita” and the company is recently making strides to entering into fruit e-commerce market. The other one is a newly rising online mobile game, The Lamb of Wall Street aiming to rock the life on Wall Street and give people the entry to trade stocks on an experimental level while enjoying the game.

The event brought a group of VCs and investors together, including Seamon Chan, Managing Director of Palm Drive Ventures, Yisong Chen, Managing Partner of Pallas Global Capital LLC, Xiaofeng Huang, Peter Lau, Principal at Greenstone Holdings Group, LLC, Joseph Lin Business Advisor at New York State Small Business Development Center, Zhengchun Liu, General Manager of China Railway Trust Co, Ltd Beijing, Daniel Lou, Managing Director at USAChina Investment Group, Jiangang Luo, Partner of Faith Assets Management LLC, John Xu, Executive of Alliance of Chambers of Commerce of USA.

CorpStarter™ is a New York based accelerator for growing companies, with an open application process, taking in earlier stage companies consisting of small teams, supporting them with funding, mentoring, training and office space. As a truly differentiated accelerator, CorpStarter™ collaborates with China’s innovation industry parks to host an annual national competition in the United States to handpick the most qualified entrepreneurs.

By holding North America Venture Contest, CorpStarter wants to provide a link that connects projects and talents with capital and search out quality talents throughout North America. The winning teams selected from this competition will be rewarded generously with marketing promotion, membership of CorpStarter, and services from law and accounting firms, and will be connected with investors and opportunities throughout US and China.

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