CorpStarter Initiates an Art Platform by Integrating Silent Auction into Its Annual Events

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2016 -- CorpStarter Star Show 2016 was wrapped up over a month ago at Microsoft's New York flagship store (watch video). Our star companies have been making tremendous progress. EveryStory just finished a merge with Knowledge Machine International Inc. (OTCMKTS: KNMX). Bloomberg-backed FinTech company Ogg Trading is leading the industry with its pioneer dark pool FX trading platform. With the portfolio companies becoming more and more popular in the market, CorpStarter is planning to make a debut in the New York art community.

New York-based business accelerator CorpStarter collaborates with China Academy of Art to launch an art platform which will provide a channel for up and coming artists to promote themselves as well as their works by leveraging the current resources and attention CorpStarter has brought in technology and financial industries. As one of the biggest art hubs in the world, New York has been playing an irreplaceable role in the world art community. With the help from China Academy of Art, the art platform will also become a bridge for Chinese artists to gain exposure on an international stage.

The platform will adopt the form of silent auction, putting artist's name, background, and artistic statement in front of the audience. Participants can sign up their bids and win prizes. This additional interaction will undoubtedly add to the unique atmosphere of CorpStarter's events. Artists can also directly benefit from the auction income.

Through the launch of the art platform, CorpStarter hopes to activate the interaction between US and China in the art and finance fields, provide a viable path for artists and ultimately enhance the experience of CorpStarter's audience.