About Us

Headquartered in New York City’s midtown Manhattan, Dragon Gate Investment Partners is a unique investment firm with a special focus on globalizing and localizing sustainable and promising companies in the US and China. Our team has well-earned reputation of excellence in providing sensible and cost-effective cross-border business solutions for a wide breadth of clientele, including public companies, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals.

The Dragon Gate team consists of investment bankers, Chartered Financial Analysts, media personnel, and IT experts. Our professionals have long standing relations with fund managers, investment bankers, and financial regulators. Our broad range of experience has led to a deep knowledge of US markets and regulations. As an integrated group, Dragon Gate has a deep understanding of the culture difference between the US and China.


The Dragon Gate team is motivated every day to help clients find solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough connections, and stay focused on what matter most to succeed in the capital markets.

From annual reports to webcast, Dragon Gate helps clients to deliver the right message to the right audience. By targeting the investors via market intelligence database, Dragon Gate improves the trading volume and share valuation for publicly traded companies.


By leveraging the cutting edge technologies and the global capital network, Dragon Gate and its subsidiaries aim to lead the cross border financial activities, and connect the growing companies to global investors in the financial world.


Dragon Gate Investment Partners is a majority shareholder for CorpStarter™, CorpOnline™, and CorpClub™.

What They Say


"Tencent, Baidu and Sohu have each received accolades over the years from the institutional investor base for their solid investor relations work. Chinese companies should hire a qualified investor relations firm like Dragon Gate Investment Partners."

-Jeff Sine, Investor, Partner at The Raine Group LLC


" Dragon Gate Investment Partners is more than an investor relations firm to us. They participate in our global executive meetings, review the documents for financing activities, and even provide financial content to our magazine. They are a true friend and business partner."

-Kathryn Minckler , CEO, Fortune Character (US)


"Even though I have traveled to China many times, the NYSSA China Program was by far the best. Everything went very well. All expenses were paid for by Lijie Zhu, our lead delegate from NYSSA. Dragon Gate provided me access to many different people and places."

-John Palmer , Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo


CorpStarter™ is a New York based accelerator for growing companies, with an open application process, taking in earlier stage companies consisting of small teams, supporting them with funding, mentoring, and office space. More>>


CorpOnline™, an award winning project from Silicon Valley, is a social media platform that directly links stock issuers and investors through functions such as customized presentation, online road show, and profile matching, etc. More>>


CorpClub™ is a private club which has a fantastic ocean front location in Miami Beach. Membership is restricted exclusively to accredited investors who have invested in our affiliated companies at least once in their life time. More>>