Condensed IR package includes:

1. IR Network Maintenance

Increase the contact with investors and media to enhance the company's publicity. Encourage analysts to track assessment. Company profile pages will be created highlighting the benefits of owning the stock. Update the following content list on the company's website: Press release archives, Industry overview, Speech transcripts, and FAQ section. 

2. Press Release.

Company press releases will be written and disseminated to news wire services. Press releases will also be disseminated to the at-large broker community, plus telephone and email follow-up with active investment community professionals including brokers, fund managers and analysts as well as investors who are known to have invested in the equity or debt of similar companies.

3. Professional IR Representative Services

A professional representative will actively assist in every facet of the Company's IR strategy, including the company's positioning, system set up, training and determining the long-term strategic objectives of investor relations management. In addition to coordinating all above-listed services, the IR Representative will maintain daily contact with active brokers, and will be available for consultation 24 hours per day via cellular telephone to address urgent needs as well as general strategic planning.

Basic IR package also includes:

4. Investor Conference and Road Show

Establish the investor relations management framework, and set up a stable channel to communicate with investors in the United States. Company presentations will be arranged to brokerage-sponsored or corporate-hosted analyst and portfolio manager conferences or meetings, as well as one-on-one meetings with targeted analysts and institutional investors. A document will also be included in broker/dealer information packages for dissemination to prospective investors, and may also be targeted to stock analysts and newsletter editors. IR Firm will identify suitable, cost-effective individual investor forums.

5. Interactive Online Communication Tools

Provide interactive communication on China On the Road Platform and utilize the following functions: Customized Company Page, Online Roadshow, Event Creator, Stock Valuation, and Profile Matching.

Advance IR package also includes:

6. VIP Services

VIP services include custom research report, investor relations management system (IRMS) design, market intelligence streaming services, video advertisement, creative artwork, and VIP only events.


Team Leader (IR representative)

• Determine whether it is pertinent to make a Press Release as a result of an Essential or Relevant Event informed by the legal counsel or other authorized management area, mainly as a function of whether it is considered as material information for investors.

• Approval of the Company's final press release and presentation.

• Ensure that the attention to the market has responded to the needs and inquiries indicated in the register of visitors.

• Approval of the final conference call statement.

Team Supporters

• Check that the information provided to investors and analysts is always of a public nature and consistent with the information authorized by the managers.

• Update the general IR procedures.

• Keep a register of interested party containing the matters discussed and the commitments acquired.

• Prepare the Company's final press release and presentation.

• Prepare the final conference call statement.

• Revise consistency of the statement with the press release and presentation.

• Send to the Compliance Unit, the IR Director and the Chief Financial Officer for their approval.

• Constantly distribute valid information on the Company's financial operation, businesses, accounting, etc. to the IRMS in order to update the data base.

Scope of Services

Financial Communication. Develop customized, cost-effective, high-quality, high-impact and fully integrated financial communication programs and platforms, including annual reports, financial fact books, corporate profiles, capabilities brochures, analyst meetings or presentations, investor fact sheets and information kits, quarterly earnings releases, Web sites, analyst conference calls, executive financial presentations, retail brokerage meetings and other individually tailored activities designed to support corporate objectives.

Strategy Development. Assist management with the development of high-impact strategic approaches to the equity and debt markets that will deliver enhanced shareholder value and lower the company’s cost of capital. Help management identify the ideal shareholder mix to support the company’s investment objectives.

Analyst and Investor Meetings. Assist with effective targeting of the most suitable buy- and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers whose investment style and interests best fit the company’s characteristics. Arrange company presentations to brokerage-sponsored or corporate-hosted analyst and portfolio manager conferences or meetings, as well as one-on-one meetings with targeted analysts and institutional investors. Identify suitable, cost-effective individual investor forums.

Disclosure. Guide the management team with respect to public disclosure requirements, issues and practices surrounding financial reporting, and provide guidance and communication about fast-breaking corporate events that impact the price of a company’s debt and equity issues. Assist management in developing a corporate disclosure policy if it does not have one.

IR Spokesperson Training. Train company executives and investor relations contacts to be effective and consistent presenters in analyst and investor conferences, before the media and in day-today interaction with the investment community.

Media Relations. Leverage proactive investor relations programs with fully integrated national and regional financial and trade media placements to provide all-important third-party testimonials for growing investor awareness of the company’s evolving investment appeal.

Messages. Develop investor relations messages that will most proactively leverage senior management’s strategic vision, operational and financial performance and ongoing business expertise to deliver the optimum P/E multiple and lower the company’s cost of capital.

Research. Research and track current and prospective securities analysts and institutional and individual shareholders, their perceptions and attitudes. Benchmark these measurable against realization of program objectives.

Crisis Communication. Structure and implement effective crisis communication programs in anticipation of or in response to litigation, rating/regulatory agency actions, restructuring announcements, product recalls, plant closures, market withdrawals, a significant earnings shortfall, competitive rumors, loss of a key manager, takeover or merger speculation, stock volume and price volatility, natural catastrophes, theft, fire and other crises.